Nethercote Valley

Nethercote Valley

Nethercote Hall

Nethercote Hall

Welcome to our Nethercote Community Website!

Nethercote, NSW

A not so busy thoroughfare!

Our beautiful rural locality of Nethercote lies 450 kms south of Sydney, 550 kms north east of Melbourne and 250 kms south east of Canberra.  Our homes, on various sized acreages, are nestled among rolling green hills and stunning valleys, but we are only  10 kms inland from the coastal towns of both Eden and Pambula.

Approximately 500 people live here, in around 200 homes; it’s hard to establish exact numbers when you’re spread over about 40 square kilometres (to see a map of Nethercote, click here).

A Happy Community

A Happy Community

This 21st century version of the “bush telegraph” seemed like a good idea because lots of things happen in Nethercote but sometimes it’s hard to communicate them.  A website can let people know about things easily, quickly and widely.  Having no village shops and being so scattered, we don’t “bump into” each other very much.  Although we have a large notice-board at our recently rebuilt Community Hall it’s already overflowing with notices. Not everyone has access to the internet, so will still put important notices there too.  We also hope it will be helpful for new arrivals to our community and our friends in neighbouring localities.

Nethercote Falls

Nethercote Falls

We have a strong sense of community here; most residents have been involved in one way or another during the past 12 years of fundraising and rebuilding our dilapidated Community Hall.  Many of those fundraisers continue to be regular events, with some new ones becoming popular on the social calendar.

Many residents operate small businesses and they are invited to advertise, without cost, on this website.  We encourage others to support them, for they have been generous in their support with fundraising events and rebuilding;  it’s a small way of saying “thank you”.

Tabs at the top of the page will take you to other areas or  the Site Map tab will provide an overview of everything available at a glance.  We hope you enjoy exploring the site and look forward to receiving items for inclusion.

Contributions, suggestions, criticisms and accolades for this site are all appreciated!  Just Contact Us.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I am looking for a place to rent in the Nethercote area from end of November 2015 until April 2016

    I am planning eventually to buy a place or some land.


  2. I just checked your site, it would be nice to let musicians know that I am a High School Music Teacher, playing piano.

    • Hi Christian,
      Did you ever find a place to rent? Our website has been in a refresher stage and I can’t remember whether I replied to you or not. I apologise if I didn’t. I’d love to take this opportunity to let you know about our Blackboard Nights that we hold mostly 3-monthly. We are hosting one on Saturday Febe 13 at 6pm. We have a grand piano in the Nethercote Hall. We invite musicians to perform up to 3 songs each depending on the number of items that arrive. Having said that, we mostly end up with a full blackboard so it’s good to get there early if you want the pick of the time slots. Hope to meet some time soon. Carol.

  3. G’day, I’m Niq – a full-time multi-instrumentalist and entertainer. I’m going to be touring up the area a couple times a year and I’m keen to play at the factory if you’ll have me… A little bit about me below…

    Genre: Folk, jazz, cabaret & classical influences
    Instruments: Trumpet (soft), accordion, ukulele, vocals, keyboard.
    Sounds like: Peter Allen, Toned-down Tim Minchin,
    70% originals (social commentary & humour), 30% covers (Randy Newman, Nat King Cole, Billy Joel…)
    A quick sample of a bunch of things:
    Rainbow Serpent, Kids space:
    It’s a song about the importance of pollination. The kids got to take away seeds to plant at home.

    I’m coming up SE coast of NSW in Mid-Feb to Early March.
    Let me know what you think…If there’s no chance to do a show or house concert at that time, I could come again in spring.

    PS It’s cool you’ve got such a strong community. Bairnsdale is pretty good like that too. Some amazing people down where I’m based now.

    • Hi Niq, as there are quite a few local events in the next few weeks, the Nethercote Music Factory is unable to host an event for you. However, you can hold one independently of us at the Nethercote hall. You will need to book the hall through the website contact, provide your own PA, advertising and promotion, etc. etc. I’m glad to help out with any information you need.

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