Russell has over 45 years experience – from building houses (new or renovations), sheds, pergolas and decks, to making garden furniture, cupboards and storage seats. Small or large jobs. Russell is honest and reliable and his hourly rates or job quotes are very reasonable. Phone for a free quote – 6495 6777

Russell Ballantyne

At a recent “thank you” lunch on behalf of the tradesmen who gave so much to the rebuilding project, president Paul Gersbach presented some fun awards he had made as tokens of his appreciation.. The Golden Tape Measure was awarded to Russell, with these words:

“They say you don’t measure a man by his words, you measure him by his actions. Russell definitely measures up. When Russell started helping us with the rebuilding he was off work due to an injury and couldn’t even put a shoe on due to that injury. At morning tea time he would elevate that leg. Russell has volunteered an enormous amount of time to the project – at times working an entire week straight on the hall – wanting nothing in return. He just wanted to do something for the community he has lived in since 1945.”

Nethercote, NSW 2549

6495 6777